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Sunglasses that transform into swimming goggles

Posted by James on 19th Mar 2015

I discovered an interesting innovation in sunglasses today, which really captured my attention.

An Australian company has created a pair of sunglasses, which transform into swimming goggles with the press of a button. Invented by Lee Batey, Sealz sunglasses provide full UV protection and have polarized lenses, which reduce glare.

In a promotional video, you can see Batey sitting on the beach wearing an early prototype pair of Sealz sunglasses. Then, he presses a button on the arm of the sunglasses and can immediately run into the sea and swim underwater, using the sunglasses as swimming goggles.

The sunglasses / goggles have other uses too

Because of the way these sunglasses transform fast, to create a sealed environment for the eyes, there are a number of non-swimming related uses for them. For example, those in the construction industry or farmers, who often work outside, in sunny, dusty conditions, could use them to stop dust getting into their eyes, whilst also protecting their eyes from the sun.

On a side note, this invention would have proved useful to me on last year’s vacation. I went to the beach and like lots of people, I took my swimming goggles with me. I love to swim in the sea and always wear a pair of goggles, to allow me to see underwater. As you’d expect, I also had my sunglasses with me, to protect my eyes from the sun. Sadly, after a swim I returned to my spot on the beach, to find my sunglasses had been stolen. 

Apparently, Sealz is due to launch shortly. They are currently seeking to raise $25000 via a Kickstarter campaign. I wish them luck.

And finally folks

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