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Sunglasses that use your skull to take phone calls

Posted by James on 12th Feb 2015

I've shared some pretty amazing sunglasses innovations with you in the past. However, I think today's innovation may be the most unique yet. It’s a pair of very special sunglasses, which allow you to make and receive phone calls, without placing anything in your ears.

Allow me to explain.

Sunglasses, sound and your skull

The product is the brainchild of a start-up company called Buhel. Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology, they have developed “SoundGlasses SGO5” (see image above). These very special sunglasses are able to deliver sound into your inner ear through your skull or cranium. The sound can be anything from an incoming phone call to music. The key thing here, is that your ears are clear at all times.

The sunglasses work in conjunction with your smart phone. However, you are able to accept calls, end calls and change the volume using the sunglasses. There's a microphone built into the bridge of the sunglasses, so you're not relying on your phone to pick up your voice. This means there's no need to fish around in your pocket for your phone. It’s a true, hands-free experience. 

So far, it works with iPhones, Android and Windows phones.

How does the sound get into your ears?

There are small speakers built into the arm of the sunglasses, which deliver sound using something called Bone Conduction. The skull conducts the sound from the arm of the sunglasses and carries it to the inner ear. 

By leaving the ear completely uncovered, those wearing these sunglasses are able to hear everything around them. This has clear safety benefits for those who are cycling or running etc. When they’re not on a call, they will have nothing obstructing their hearing (unlike wearing ear-buds or headphones) and when they are on a call, they will be able to hear the ambient noise around them.

Without having tested a pair, I have no idea how good the sound quality is. This is, I believe, the key thing. If they can deliver good sound quality, they could be a huge success.

And finally folks!

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Photo credit: Buhel