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What are Visor Clips?

30th May 2013

If you're a sunglasses retailer, you're most likely familiar with visor clips. They are handy little clips that attach to the visor in your car and hold a pair of sunglasses. Talk about convenient! Th … read more

Sunglasses Buying Guide For Retailers

14th Feb 2013

As a retailer, you may already know the importance of stocking POS (point of sale) products. It really doesn't matter what type of store you run, from a convenience store or gas station, to a retail o … read more

Wholesale Hats for Your Retail Store

21st Jan 2013

Are you wanting to have a good year in your retail store. Have you made your decisions on what you are going to add to your products? Are there some that are doing okay, but could make room for new on … read more

Follow Us On Facebook

27th Dec 2012

If you are not yet fans of our Facebook page you should take a second out of your day to Follow us on Facebook.Not only will we provide you with all the updates CTS Wholesale Sunglasses has to offer, … read more