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The Apple Watch, smart sunglasses and the future

Posted by James on 8th Apr 2015

A new product launches in just a couple of weeks, which could have a significant impact on the smart sunglasses industry. This, despite the fact the new device isn’t a pair of sunglasses. In fact, it’s worn on the wrist.

Have you guessed what the new device is? 

Yes, I’m talking about the new Apple Watch; Apple’s first foray into the wearable technology space. Until now, none of the so-called wearable devices have sold in big numbers, let alone become mainstream products. However, when a giant like Apple moves into an industry, things can change fast.

Apple has the money to have researched, designed and developed their smart watch exhaustively. They also have millions of passionate Apple fans and a colossal marketing budget. These combine to provide Apple with a very good shot at making the Apple watch a he success.

What does that have to do with smart sunglasses?

The providers of smart sunglasses want us to regard our sunglasses or regular glasses as the natural place for smart technology. Apple, obviously, wants us to wear a smart device on our wrist. 

So, who will win? Analysts agree that it’s way too early to say. However, I don’t see this as a simple one wins the other loses deal. I believe that a successful Apple Watch (and smart watch industry) can live happily alongside smart sunglasses.

For example:

  • Glasses are great for recording video and taking photos hands-free; as the skydiving demo for Google Glass confirmed. 
  • Watches are great for providing information at a glance.
  • People, like myself, who wear reading glasses for work, have our glasses on most of the day. Others have more demanding vision challenges and need to wear their glasses all day. 
  • Pretty much everyone wears sunglasses for large parts of the year, even if their vision is 20-20. For these people, smart glasses or sunglasses make sense. We get the technology, without having to wear an additional product.
  • Others will prefer to wear their smart device on their wrist. And if Apple’s previous products are anything to go by, these will feel natural and be beautifully designed.

The coming months will be extremely interesting. My prediction? I expect to see the market for smart sunglasses, smart eyewear and smart watches grow significantly.

And finally folks

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