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The cost of fake designer sunglasses

Posted by James on 22nd Jan 2015

The popular "WhatsApp" mobile messaging platform was singled out this month by, for an increase in spam messages. Their research showed how spammers are now using the service to offer everything from fake investments to fake designer goods - including sunglasses

The dangers of fake sunglasses

Designer sunglasses offered by scammers and spammers at super-low prices are fake. They are designed to look somewhat like the authentic, designer brands, but they are made from cheap materials and are often dangerous too. 

Most commonly, fake sunglasses offer too little UV protection. This means that the sunglasses will fail to protect your eyes from the sun's damaging rays... putting your eyesight at risk and potentially exposing you to some serious health conditions. These include cataracts, macular degeneration as well as growths on the eye.

Fake sunglasses have also been known to fall apart, due to poor production processes and cheap materials. That's embarrassing at the beach, but potentially fatal if you happen to be driving at the time.

In Short: If you see designer sunglasses offered at prices, which suggest they are probably fakes, please avoid them. Unlike most other fake fashion items, you could be putting your health at risk.

This kind of spam is everywhere

It should also be pointed out that this kind of fake designer spam is on every popular social network, as well as email and SMS [text messages]. It's unfair to single out any one particular network. The proliferation of these offers means they will find their way to millions of people, including children and other vulnerable groups. Children's eyes are particularly at risk and they are also likely to be attracted to the idea of owning designer sunglasses, making them obvious targets.

Because of this, I urge parents to speak about this with their children and spread the word to fellow parents.

The bottom line here is that fake designer sunglasses could prove to be way more costly than the real thing.

And finally

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