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The most flexible sunglasses ever?

Posted by James on 9th Feb 2015

I read an interesting sunglasses story today, which I'd like to share with you. It’s all about a flexible type of frame, which offer a number of interesting and potentially useful benefits.

Flexible sunglasses with a memory

The sunglasses come from Hong Kong based company, Baendit. They are made from something called TR-90 polymer, which is better known as “memory plastic”. 

What makes this memory plastic so interesting, is that it’s extremely pliable. You can bend it into different shapes, without it being damaged or breaking. You can also bend the sunglasses back to their original shape whenever you wish. Memory plastic is also very strong and light, so sunglasses made from it are comfortable and strong. 

More than just novelty sunglasses

Although these sunglasses have a number of novelty uses, such as wearing them as a wristband when you don’t want to wear them on your eyes, there are some useful applications for the flexible frames. 

  • Someone recovering from nose surgery can bend the sunglasses frame, so that the bridge is wider. 
  • If you decide you want to do some sporting activity, you can simply bend the frame so that the sunglasses grip you better.
  • You can bend the frame and hang the sunglasses somewhere convenient, rather then risk putting them down and damaging them. 
  • If you have ever had an insect bite close to your eye, like I have, you would also find it very useful to be able to bend the frame away from the sore, swollen area.

I have no idea whether this idea will gather interest, but it’s another example of the kind of creative work being undertaken in the sunglasses industry.

And finally folks!

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