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The secret behind politicians and sunglasses

Posted by James on 26th Nov 2014

As I've mentioned in previous posts, sunglasses can have a massive impact on a person's image. This is because sunglasses can change the way we feel about a person. A great example is Andy Warhol, who wore sunglasses as part of a dramatic image change, when he moved from being a commercial artist to an artist. 

Whilst it can be great for a celebrity's image, for sunglasses to transform them into being mysterious and moody, it can a toxic effect on one particular group of people. 

Who am I referring to? Politicians!

Why politicians tend not to be seen in sunglasses

Back when President Obama first ran for the presidency, Joe Biden grabbed the headlines for showing up at rallies and being photographed regularly... wearing sunglasses. Biden's Ray Ban Aviators caused a stir, not because they are an unusual design, but because we're not used to seeing our political figures in sunglasses. 

We see our politicians in glaring sunlight, squinting uncomfortably because they know NOT to put sunglasses on. The question is, why? Why can't these men and women wear such a common item, which cause no offence to anyone and are one of the most popular items in America?

Sunglasses, the eyes and trust

The reason we seldom see politicians wearing sunglasses during election time, is that image consultants have warned them not to. It has been known for a long time that when a person wears sunglasses, they create a communication barrier. There's no eye contact, which is a key element in building trust. It's also said that the eyes are the window to the soul and by covering them, we find it harder to trust what the person says. It's also harder to get a sense of the person, when politicians are eager to connect with the voters.

Understandably, politicians are extremely keen not to lose any advantage over their rivals. So even when the sun is shining brightly, many will endure the discomfort rather than wear sunglasses.

And finally

I hope you enjoyed this look at politicians and sunglasses.

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