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Tips to Deliver Best Value on Men’s Fashion Sunglasses

Posted by Kirk Bachelder on 26th Dec 2018

Wondering if you’ll be able to sell cheap men’s fashion sunglasses in the retail market? A majority of sunglasses wearers are not looking to spend money on eyewear that costs hundreds of dollars. The average adult is looking for sunglasses that deliver value. Here’s how you deliver value to customers.

Stock Products That Come With 100% UV Protection

Just like sunblock protects the skin from harmful UV rays, sunglasses protect the eyes. UV protection is one of the main reasons people buy and wear sunglasses. Overexposure UVA and UVB light is harmful and can cause issues such as retinal damage and vision. Make sure the sunglasses you choose offer 100% UVA and UVB protection. Sunglasses with polarized lenses are another good bet because they block the glare from the sun. Both are suitable for outdoor applications and have a ready market among adult men.

Offer Fashionable Styles and Designs

A prerequisite of men’s fashion sunglasses is that they need to be stylish and feature the latest trending designs. So, give the people what they want and they will be coming back for more. You can do your own research into what’s hot and what’s not or you can browse through the latest selections offered by your favorite online wholesaler. An experienced wholesaler spends a considerable amount of time and effort finding up-to-date designs and styles that speak to the retail customer.

Ensure Durability and Good Craftsmanship

Most customers who are looking to purchase men’s fashion sunglasses look for products that they can use again and again, in a single season or through several seasons. For this, you need to invest in robust and sturdy products that will not break within a few hours of use. Attention to craftsmanship is also necessary because no one wants to sport sunglasses that feature poor finishing or parts that become loose after a few times of wear.

Adopt Smart Marketing Strategies

The prices of men’s fashion sunglasses start from as low as twelve dollars a dozen – your customers don’t need to know that. You can easily retail a pair for twenty dollars and use clever wording such as ‘affordable’ or ‘inexpensive’ instead of ‘cheap’ that might drive them away. Another way you can increase sales is by offering different varieties of sunglasses at different price points – for example, really cheap eyewear for the budget-conscious, moderately priced sunglasses with extra features and branded sunglasses for the brand-conscious.

Take care of all these considerations and soon you’ll have a retail eyewear business that drives sales – and profits!