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Who was that woman in the sunglasses?

Posted by James on 16th Apr 2015

As I have previously written, wearing sunglasses is an effective way to avoid being noticed. By covering our eyes, the most important feature on our face, they make it far harder for people to recognize us.

We saw a great example of this earlier this week.

Sunglasses can disguise even the most famous faces

Who would have believed that one of the country’s most recognizable people, could walk into Chipotle in the middle of the day, unnoticed by everyone?

Well, as you may have heard by now, that’s exactly what happened this week. Our former First Lady, Hillary Clinton, visited a Chipotle in Ohio. Wearing sunglasses, she was able to walk in, stand in line, speak with her associate and the person serving her, collect her food and leave… without being identified by anyone.

When the store manager, Charles Wright, was tipped off about her visit, he said it was some kind of mistake. It was only after he was asked to check the security camera footage, that he realized he’d just served our former First Lady and candidate for the 2016 presidency.

Sunglasses can really change your look

This story confirms what we all know: Sunglasses are the accessory that have the biggest impact on your appearance. They can make you unrecognizable, give you a younger, sportier, studious or cooler look. This is why it pays to spend a little time choosing the right sunglasses for you and the look you are aiming for. 

This brief guide to selecting the right type of sunglasses will help.

And finally folks!

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