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Wrap-around sunglasses and the allergy season

Posted by James on 23rd Mar 2015

It seems spring has finally sprung for many states. As the weather improves and nature starts to bloom and blossom, it’s also the start of the allergy season for many of us. 

It’s estimated that 35 million Americans experience hay fever caused by wind borne pollen or mold spores. So today, I thought I’d share an allergy prevention tip I discovered recently, which is all about wrap-around sunglasses!

Wrap-around sunglasses and allergies

When you tell most people that sunglasses can help combat the effects of springtime allergies, they assume you mean that the darkened lenses offer relief to their eyes. Whilst that is quite correct, wrap-around sunglasses can be a lot more useful than that. They can actually partially help to protect your eyes.

Depending on the weather and how snugly they fit, wrap-around sunglasses can help reduce allergy irritation. By shielding the eyes from some of the wind borne threat, wrap-around sunglasses can reduce the volume of irritants that reach the eyes. Obviously, the benefits will differ from person to person. After all, when it comes to hay fever there are many factors in play.

Anecdotally, since discovering this tip 5 years ago and switching to wrap-around sunglasses during the allergy months, I have seen a measurable improvement. 

It's important to state that this is only one part of a defence against allergies and should not replace any existing medication someone takes. However, as my fellow allergy sufferers will confirm, anything that can help reduce the impact of hay fever, even by a small amount, is welcome. 

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