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Innovative Ways To Increase Sunglass Sales

27th Mar 2013

When it comes to selling sunglasses sometimes you have to think outside the box and go beyond the simple point-of-purchase (POP) display.

Point-of-purchase items are typically impulsive items that are located near the checkout. Just think of your local grocery store, when the cashier is ringing your items through you are faced with row upon row of such things as magazines, chewing gum, candy bars and even batteries.

Now you probably don't feel the need to purchase one of these impulse items every single time you shop, but I bet there is a good probability that you have made at least one impulse buy, and probably more than once.

As a passive way to sell sunglasses, POP displays, both offline (in the case of a brick and mortar store) and online, are a great way to generate some revenue. However, when it comes to actively selling sunglasses, this is where you can really become innovative and showcase your creativity.

The following three examples, with a little creative tweaking, can be used for both online and offline stores:

Selling Sunglasses at Outdoor Festivals

Outdoor festivals are a great way to generate some revenue by selling sunglasses. Don't think this technique has to be reserved solely for the summer months, any outdoor festival, be it winter or summer, is a chance to not only increase sunglass sales, but it is also a great way to market your store. Festival attendees may not purchase a pair of sunglasses from you today, but it could help to drive more traffic to your website or brick and mortar store. Many festivals require you to rent a vendor booth, and sometimes these fees can be quite expensive, so if you are not sure if you can recoup your costs try partnering with another vendor to lower the fees. You may even be able to sell your sunglasses directly to other vendors.

Selling Sunglasses at Indoor Festivals

As strange as it may sound, indoor festivals are also a great opportunity to sell sunglasses. From trade shows to indoor music festivals, renting or sharing a vendor booth is a great way to increase sales. When it comes to indoor music festivals, any kind of electronic music will sure to be success. Just make sure you pack your funkiest, multicolored styles of sunglasses that you have to offer.

POE for Increasing sales of Sunglasses

Point-of-entry (POE) sales can work just as well to increase sales of sunglasses, and they can also entice customers to enter your store, whether it is a physical entry or a virtual one. For a brick and mortar store you can place sunglass display racks at the entrance, just outside or inside the store. For an online presence, sunglasses can be one of your landing pages that entices a customer to click through to your site or even located directly on your home page.

The advantage of using POE is that you can also further entice customers to purchase sunglasses when it comes to for the checkout. Yes, that's right, using both POE and POP together is a great way to increase sales.