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Sunglasses and sustainability

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The sunglasses industry has been very proactive in recent years, when it comes to caring for the environment. This looks set to continue, with new designers raising the bar on environmentally sustainability.

Sunglasses and the environment

It’s not uncommon for sunglasses designers to use eco-friendly materials. Here are just 2 examples I have written about:

  1. These sunglasses have frames that are made from reclaimed newspapers.
  2. These sunglasses are made from hemp, which is fully biodegradable.

In both those examples, it’s the material used for the construction of the sunglasses, which is kind to the planet. Today, I’ve learned about an environmentally aware entrepreneur, who is pushing the envelope. 

Sunglasses with an environmental conscience 

The entrepreneur I’m referring to is a guy called Luke Winter, from California-based, Woodzee. Luke is committed to what he calls “an eco-friendly partnership, between style and nature”. It’s easy to see Luke’s passion for the environment, when you look at what he’s doing.

Already the owner of a successful clothing store in Chico for the past 11 years, Luke has branched out into designing a wide range of stylish, wooden sunglasses. The sunglasses are made from materials, which include repurposed whiskey barrels and previously owned skateboards. Woodzee also has a tree-planting program in place, to ensure they work to the environment back, more than they take. 

Woodzee also provide an impressive recycling policy. In essence, if you take a pair of their sunglasses back, even in 20 years time, they will recycle them for you and give you a 40% discount on your next pair. 

Packaging is also kind to the environment. Yes, they use 50% reclaimed paper in their shipping materials, but that’s not all. They use a specially designed triangular shipping package, which they say is stronger than regular packaging. This reduces the amount of material needed, to ship each pair.

I love what Luke and his team are doing and wish them every success.

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