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​Sunglasses to leave you shaken, not stirred

Posted by Jim Connolly on 23rd Jul 2015

A trailer for the new James Bond movie was released this week. This is obviously of great interest to Bond fans. But it isn’t something we’d normally cover on a site dedicated to sunglasses.

However, there’s been some debate aroused by the trailer from sunglasses lovers. They want to know what design of shades 007 was wearing in “Spectre”.

Sunglasses and James Bond

Since being cast as James Bond, Daniel Craig’s wardrobe has been designed by Tom Ford. It’s little wonder then, that the sunglasses James Bond is wearing in the Spectre trailer are from Tom Ford. They are part of the Snowden range, Tiny Black, to be exact. (By the way, I didn't need to be a special agent to figure out what Bond is wearing. The real clue here, is the T motif, featured on the frame).

However, before you rush out and buy yourself a pair of those wonderfully-designed sunglasses, hoping to look super-cool, you need to remember something. In order for sunglasses to enhance your appearance, they need to be matched to the shape of your face.

The reason sunglasses frames come in many different shapes, is that our faces come in a range of different shapes too. If we wear a frame design, which isn’t suited to our face, it simply won’t work. For example, I love the look of Tea Shades, the small, circular frames popularized by John Lennon. When I see them on other people, they look great. However, they look terrible on me, because I have the wrong shaped face for them.

Sunglasses and the genius of the Wayfarer design

Interestingly, it’s said that one of the reasons why Ray Ban’s Wayfarer design has been so massively successful, is that they compliment the widest range of facial shapes. As a result, designs based on the Wayfarer shape are often a useful place to start, when shopping for sunglasses. This is especially the case if you’re buying them as a gift for another person.

Fortunately, Snowden’s are the correct shape for my face and I have a birthday coming up. I’ll leave some clues for my wife and see what happens.

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