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  • “CTS you made me look like a hero. I bought sports glasses for my son's baseball team…well now I am a hero. Thanks.”
    William, North Carolina
  • “Absolutely amazing service, good quality products and amazing prices. Recommended Stars 5”
    Uzair M. Ghole, New York White Plains
  • “Very good website and shopping experience. Great prices. Thanks.”
    John Welch
  • “Great sunglasses and lighters! Very pleased with everything!!”
    Dave Jones, Georgia
  • “Great website. I love how you make it easy to buy wholesale”
    Zach Phillips

Locations for Wholesale Sunglasses and More

Buying Wholesale Sunglasses in L.A.

Looking for a reputalbe source for wholesale sunglasses in sunny Los Angeles? This article is for you!

Los Angeles Wholesale Sunglasses
Chicago Sunglasses

Sunglasses in Chicago? This article discusses the opportunities available to you.

Chicago Sunglasses
Chinese Wholesale Sunglasses

Learn how you can find Chinese Wholesale Sunglasses in this informative article.

Chinese Wholesale Sunglasses
Buying Wholesale Sunglasses in Miami

Need to buy wholesale sunglasses in lovely Miami, Florida? This article will answer all of your questions.

Miami Wholesale Sunglasses

Philadelphia Sunglasses

Informative article discussing the topic of sunglasses distribution in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Sunglasses
Wholesale Sunglasses Canada

The ins and outs of establishing a wholesale sunglasses venture in gorgeous Canada.

Wholesale Sunglasses Canada
Houston Sunglasses

Houston, Texas is an ideal locale for selling sunglasses! Find helpful information discussing this venture.

Houston Sunglasses
Wholesale Sunglasses in the United Kingdom

Want wholesale sunglasses in the United Kindgom? This article teaches the best practices on the topic.

Wholesale Sunglasses UK


Discover how you can find quality wholesale suppliers.

2 Tips For Detecting Quality Wholesalers
Wholesale Reading Glasses ~ Everything You Need to Know

Find out how wholesale reading glasses are packaged, how well they retail and much more.

Wholesale Reading Glasses ~ Everything You Need to Know
Caring for Your Sunglasses ~ Sunglasses Cases

Learn how to care for your sunglasses, what accessories you should consider having or reselling.

Caring For Your Sunglasses ~ Sunglasses Cases
Most Popular Party Glasses & Novelty Sunglasses

A detailed list of our top selling Party & Novelty Sunglasses, with selling ideas too!

Most Popular Party Glasses & Novelty Sunglasses

Beanie Hats

Read interesting descriptions of famous characters wearing beanies in this fun article.

Beanie Hats
Sunglass Displays

Learn the entire range of displays available for your sunglasses in this informative article.

Sunglass Display Racks
About Wholesale Cigarette Cases

Find out all about new cigarette cases, from sizes to selection.

About Wholesale Cigarette Cases
About Wholesale Lighters

Everything you want to know about the selection of wholesale lighters, refilling, care & more.

About Wholesale Lighters


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